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报告题目:Virtual Reality in Retail: Effects of Virtual Fitting Rooms


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地点: 旭日楼306教室

报告内容简介:Virtual fitting room is an important application of the virtual reality technology in retail. However, its impact on consumer purchases and retailer profitability remains unclear based on the literature. The presentation consists of two studies based on large-scale field data. The first study focuses on the impact of VFR designs on sales and post-sales outcomes, and the second study reveals how the impact of VFR varies across consumer groups and product types.

报告人简介:熊桂洋博士是美国雪城大学商学院助理教授。他毕业于美国埃默里大学商学院。他的研究兴趣主要包括广告、电子营销、社交媒体等。他的研究成果主要发表在Journal of MarketingJournal of Marketing ResearchManagement ScienceJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science等国际顶级期刊上,并且是多个国际顶级期刊的匿名审稿人。