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报告题目:Political Borders and Inter-jurisdictional Factor Market Segmentation in China

报告人:上海财经大学 唐为  博士

时间:2018.12.13   13:30



While decentralization has incentivized local governments to compete for capital and promote economic growth (race to the top), it also gives rise to local protectionism and market segmentation (race to the bottom). In the last one or two decades, China has experienced a substantial shift from goods to factor market segmentation. Contrary to previous work that has predominantly focused on final goods market integration, this paper examines the scope and causes of domestic factor market segmentation in China. Based on the framework of Hsieh and Klenow (2009), I introduce an approach to measure factor market segmentation at the city-pair level. In the empirical analysis, I investigate the effects of jurisdictional borderon market segmentation, to account for the consequences of inter-governmental competition.

报告人简介:唐为,上海财经大学公共经济与亚博娱乐官网登录讲师,2016年毕业于复旦大学经济学院。主要研究领域为公共经济学与中国城市发展。在Journal of Real Estate Finance and EconomicsEconomics of Transition、《经济研究》、《经济学(季刊)》等国内外重要期刊上发表论文。主持国家自然科学基金青年项目、教育部人文社科基金青年项目、博士后基金面上一等资助和特别资助项目,麦肯锡公司城市中国计划资助项目等。